The Creative Brief, Part Two: a Simple Template

[This is the second post I’ve written on the creative brief; to read the first, click here.]

A good creative brief is a simple framework for making decisions on everything creative: key words/phrases, promo copy, visual designs, drama or video storylines… it’s your project guide, helping your team stay on course as you create and implement.

Ours starts with four questions:

  1. Challenge. What’s the challenge people are facing that we’re trying to help them with? What problem are we trying to solve?
  2. Audience. Who are we targeting, primarily? If we had to pick one person that our message best resonates with, who is that? Describe them in detail. This isn’t about a demographic profile, but rather their psychographic profile.
  3. Response.  How are we hoping people will respond, in thoughts/words/actions? What do we want them to do differently, as a result of this project?
  4. Tone. What’s the tone, the vibe, the feel you’re hoping to create? Is it edgy, family-friendly, brooding, irreverent?

There are many templates for creative briefs that are more in-depth, more complicated and detailed than this. Some of those may be better suited for your needs.

But if you don’t currently use a brief in your creative process, start with this one. It can make a huge difference in how effectively your team operates.

Written by jaredwilley

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