The Church Growth Formula

It all starts with alignment.

How do churches grow?

My last post looked at three key components of church growth: creating share-worthy experiences, fostering authentic community, and providing clear next steps for new people. And all of those are essential! Any church that isn’t offering those three things is in an uphill battle for growth.

But organizations are more than the sum of their communications and marketing. And churches, especially, have a unique calling to reach people with the message of the Gospel. And that requires alignment between three things: what you offer; your vision for the people you serve; and a clear understanding of who you are best able to reach.

Whatever your strategy for growth is, it begins with defining your target audience; a strategy always starts with “who.”

Just like preachers always have a specific person in mind when they’re preaching, marketing and communications leaders need to have a specific persona in mind when they create content. Are you talking to the super-busy working mother with a career and a family? The guy who’s thinking “I’m doing just fine taking care of my family, and now you want to add church, too?” Carefully describe the person you have in mind when you think about who your church or cause best reaches; what is it that they struggle with, run towards, and feel like they’re missing?

Keep in mind that you don’t have to have the same persona for every piece of content you create. Variety is a good thing!

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