Building a Culture of Failure

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Peter Drucker You’ve probably heard this many times before. It’s the idea that strategy, while a necessary part of business, just doesn’t correlate with success the way culture does. If you want your organization to make progress – actual, sustained progress – you’ve got to have a strong culture. There’s… Read more »

The Three-Team Model for Church Growth

How many meetings do you go to in a week? My guess: too many. If meetings have overtaken your calendar, it’s probably because you’re a part of a bunch of teams.  Organizations have jumped on the team approach and away from the “department” approach; they form teams of staff from different departments to address unique… Read more »

How to Be Productive When You’re Distracted

We all have days when we struggle to find focus. We have all the best intentions of getting things done, but we just can’t seem to get into a groove. We’re tired, under the weather, or distracted by some external or internal situation, and we find ourselves… drifting. Ever find yourself just staring at the… Read more »

A Leader’s Most Valuable Asset

What’s a leader’s most valuable asset?  Some say it’s vision. Effective leaders define a better future, and inspire the team to work together to create it. Without vision, there’s no unity, no common direction. What about expertise? A leading expert can be an effective guide, applying their deep knowledge to define strategy and guide the… Read more »

The Church Growth Formula

How do churches grow? My last post looked at three key components of church growth: creating share-worthy experiences, fostering authentic community, and providing clear next steps for new people. And all of those are essential! Any church that isn’t offering those three things is in an uphill battle for growth. But organizations are more than… Read more »

The Obvious Reasons Your Church Isn’t Growing – and What to Do About It

Why do some churches grow, and others don’t? How can it be that a really good church – one that offers great preaching, musically excellent worship, and fantastic kids’ programs – just kind of hovers around the same attendance each week, and isn’t seeing new people come through the door? Straight from the desk of… Read more »

The 8 Axioms of Church Communication

These are 8 things that I say all the time around the office, so often that they’ve turned into axioms. At least for me. #1: You said exactly what you wanted to say, but that doesn’t mean they heard exactly what you wanted them to hear. Maybe you’re caught off guard when your beautifully crafted… Read more »

The Caution Tape Effect

You probably love your church lobby after Sunday services. It’s a beehive of activity – conversations and connections, sharing stories and burdens and prayers, new people being greeted, etc. Now imagine if you took caution tape and blocked off your lobby, so that after church people could not engage with each other, but had to… Read more »

The 5 Components of a Successful Brand

Admit it: you love branding. I have yet to meet a passionate, engaged-with-their-job marketing or communications person who isn’t All About The Brand. I am, too! I’ve designed logos, helped a few organizations create new brands for themselves, and worked with and for organizations as they figure out what to do to improve the brand… Read more »

Simplifying Your Model

The multisite church movement has been around for some time now. Along the way to adding more sites, many churches have realized something: adding sites doesn’t necessarily mean growth. New locations are being added, but overall attendance and engagement isn’t increasing – at least anywhere near to what was hoped for. Churches in this situation… Read more »

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    Meet Winston

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    This is Winston. He is a French Bulldog who belongs to my wife’s cousin. He’s also our houseguest for the next 6 days. It’s hard to get a picture of Winston, because he doesn’t really sit still. Ever. Winston is what you would call an active dog. Being 1 year old, this is normal. It’s… Read more »