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    Thoughts on “Belong Before Believe”

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    People belong to a group based on its actions, more than its words. They choose to belong to a group when that group does things that they want to get on board with. Every group that people belong to outside of church does stuff. Clubs, sports leagues, civic organizations… people join them to do, not… Read more »

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    Tourists or Pilgrims 

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    Pilgrims are seeking a purpose. Tourists are seeking an experience. A tourist might love the experience, rave over it, document it, relive it. But they aren’t committed to it. Tourists share experiences but they don’t construct them. They’re in it temporarily, not for the long haul. Tourists are consumers at heart. Pilgrims are on a… Read more »

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    Meet Winston

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    This is Winston. He is a French Bulldog who belongs to my wife’s cousin. He’s also our houseguest for the next 6 days. It’s hard to get a picture of Winston, because he doesn’t really sit still. Ever. Winston is what you would call an active dog. Being 1 year old, this is normal. It’s… Read more »