The Three C’s

Every time I meet with a leader who is looking for my help convincing other people to participate in their event, program, activity, or ministry, I reiterate a basic principle of marketing communication that I call The Three C’s. This is especially helpful for self-declared “non-marketers,” but anyone looking to clarity of their own communication […]

A Daily Meditation of Humility for Communicators

  “Just because you said exactly what you wanted to say, doesn’t mean they heard exactly what you wanted them to hear.”   Anyone in the business of communicating needs to say this to themselves every day. No matter how strong of a communicator you are, how creative or experienced, it’s easy to slip into […]

Strategy vs. Description

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” – Peter Drucker We’ve all heard this before. You know what else trumps strategy? Execution. If you’re in church communications or marketing, you’ve probably been asked “what’s your website/social media/advertising/marketing/app strategy?”  more times than you can count.  I work for a large church in New England, one of the most […]